EVO 2011 - TALKING SKULLGIRLS is a video from 2011.

Upload Date mid 2011
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Chad is interviewing Mike Z, the Lead Designer of Skullgirls at EVO 2011. Chad asks what it is. It is the next 2D fighter, returning to old fighter games with a modern spin on it. Craig states that this game is cutesy and colorful. What makes Skullgirls different? You can choose anywhere between one and three characters for each team, similar to Marvel v Capcom 2. There is a new way to handle infinite combos. The player needs to hit a button to escape the combo.

Skullgirls was inspired by the old school vs series. Guilty Gear and One Must Fall 2097. It would be a dream come true to have people competing in Skullgirls at EVO. Craig asks how many characters will be playable. Mike can't say. He can say more than 6. The three things he isn't allowed to say are how many characters, price and release date. Craig just played the Alpha build and it is pretty damn fun.

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