The crew eat some old candy they found.

Upload Date April 2014
Hosts Shaun, Sean, Sam, Nick, Parker, Austin, Ben
Series Advantage Content


Synopsis Edit

Shaun explains that they have found some old food and drink that has been here for about two years. Shaun shows the candy bar and the energy drink. The energy drink is probably urine! The energy drink is purple flavored. It is actually called 'Soundwave'. It smells like a regular energy drink. Shaun will 'save it for later'. Everyone calls Shaun out immediately.

The chocolate looks old. The chocolate looks like chalk. Shaun bites into the chocolate. Sean predicts that Shaun will be sick over the weekend. After sucking on it for a while, it almost tastes normal. Austin takes some chocolate. Sam, Sean, Parker and Nick try some. Nick has been drinking one of the energy drinks. Ben asks if they are trying to kill themselves. Nick explains that it tastes like regret. Sean wants Shaun to chug it. Shaun pretends to knock himself out with the can. It leaves a dent in Shaun's head!

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