E3 overtime 2013 with Geoff Keighley is a video from 2013.

E3 overtime 2013 with Geoff Keighley
Upload Date June 8th 2013
Hosts Craig (as Geoff Keighley), Chad (as Mark Cerny), Lauren (as Kudo Tsunoda), Sam (as Hob0wn3d), Sean (as Daniel Kayser)
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Geoff Keighley (Craig) introduces the presentation. He is a lover of giraffes. This year they have a group of very special guests. Up first is Mark Cerny (Chad), who is a PS4 architect. A dead corpse of Kudo Tsunoda, the Kinect guy. Kudo's corpse is bought back to life through the power of Kinect. Representing Ouya, is a hobo named Hob0wn3d (Sam), that they found off the street.

E3 is missing Nintendo, and Geoff misses Reggie. Hob0wned wants a sandwich. Mark creepily expects the Xbox One to show off some TV programming. Kudo wants to control everyone with the Kinect. Geoff reminisces about Reggie while touching a Mario hat. Mark puts his hand on Geoff's.

Geoff crosses to the Ouya booth to Daniel Kayser (Sean). He is at a dumpster, with a sign that says Ooya booth (with the second O crossed out and replaced with a U), and "Were at the E3!". Daniel replies with "How do you think it's going?" before being cut off.

Geoff is reminded of spending time with Reggie. Hob0wned thinks Nintendo will win E3 this year. Mark thinks Sony will win as he is the PS4 architect. Kudo thinks Microsoft will win because Kinect. The Kinect freaks out, and Kudo falls out of her chair. Daniel sniffs Kudo's chair.

Geoff concludes the video as Hob0wned jacks off, and Mark plays with his controller. Geoff misses Reggie, and begins singing Call Me Maybe. Daniel picks up Kudo's chair to sniff it.

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