E3 Overtime 2014 with Geoff Keighley! (Starring Geoff Keighley!) is a video from 2014.

E3 Overtime 2014 with Geoff Keighley! (Starring Geoff Keighley!)
Upload Date June 7th 2014
Hosts Craig (as Geoff Keighley), Shaun (as Jack Tretton), Nick (as Ed Boon), Sean (as Andrew House), Parker (Zaire Francisco Rodriguez)
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Geoff Keighley (Craig) is hosting E3 Overtime this year with out of work Sony executive Jack Tretton (Shaun). Also with Geoff today are Ed Boon (Nick), the creator of Mortal Kombat, who makes an odd speech about Mortal Kombat. Andrew House from Sony (Sean) is also on the show. Finally, Zaire Francisco Rodriguez (Parker) is introduced, who is on his phone. He speaks in hashtags.

Geoff continues to push Jack out of the way. Ed is asked how big of a role Mortal Kombat will play at E3. Ed responds with a weird response. Geoff asks Jack to comment, and tells him to shut up. E3 Overtime is sponsored by Geoff.

Andrew is asked how his E3 will go this year. PlayStation will be interacting with indies. Call of Duty is dead to PlayStation - it is all about indies! Geoff gets rid of Jack again.

Zaire is asked for his thoughts. Microsoft will be removing all their FPS's as well. Jack puts his face up to Geoff's. Jack is pushed away again.

Ed is asked for his thoughts. He shows a picture of a giraffe. He is as useless and cryptic as always. Jack is asked for his thoughts on mobile gaming. He has nothing to say. Andrew is asked where mobile gaming is going. Mobile gaming is the core of Sony's Vita, and there will be a lot more games coming out for the Vita from indie developers. The Xbox One is also getting mobile functionality. The Xbox will have a strap so people can play it anywhere. Andrew asks Zaire if he is copying him.

Jack wants to ask a question, and Geoff yells at him, and tells him to get out. They both argue, and Jack leaves to see Reggie Fils' Amie. Geoff goes after him, as he is supposed to be friends with Reggie. Andrew continues to argue with Zaire about Microsoft putting a strap on their console.

Ed comes between them, and starts touching Andrew, and licks his finger. He likes how he tastes. He touches Zaire as well, as the other two argue. The lights start to go out. Ed says #Boon and creepily stares at the camera.

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