Drake gets put on the spot is a video from 2012.

Drake gets put on the spot
Upload Date August 16th 2012
Hosts Drake, Ben, Chad, Sean, Craig
Series Random Awesomness


Synopsis Edit

Drake needs to talk about the Advantage Program. Sean gives Drake rabbit ears with his fingers behind him. Drake doesn't have a promo ready, so he is being put on the spot. Craig yells at him and wants Drake to talk about the Advantage Program.

The Advantage program provides a bigger video player, no ads, a ScrewAttack bolt on your avatar image, potential deals on the store, earlier content. It costs $3.95 or $40 a year. Ben says that this is the worst promo ever! Sean asks why Drake has spelled GameSpot with two words.

Drake has to do the promo like this, because was going to do it in the Barney voice! Chad warns that if you don't sign up for Advantage, you'll get more of Drake!

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