During the SGC 12 hour marathon, Drake attempted to break an ice cream eating world record.

Drake Tries to Break an Eating Record
Upload Date August 7th 2012
Hosts Drake, Ben, Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

This video was apart of the SGC 12 Hour Live Stream. Ben was timing the challenge, as Drake ate the ice cream. Craig wonders why Drake is doing it again, and comments that Drake's spoon can be heard bouncing off his teeth. Ben explains what Drake is doing, and tells Craig not to talk to him.

Drake gets a brain freeze. Ben doesn't know if it will count since they have not contacted Guinness World Records yet. Less than three minutes in, and the bottom of the tub can be seen. This is their first live eating challenge! There is no way that Ben could pull this off. Five minutes in, and everyone starts chanting for Drake. Drake starts to power his way through with a minute to go and hits the bottom. He finishes in 7 minutes, 37 seconds. Drake is in a lot of pain. Drake leaves immediately with the trash can.

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