Drake Plays Slender for the first time is a video from 2012.

Drake Plays Slender for the first time
Upload Date October 23rd 2012
Hosts Craig, Drake, Shelby
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Drake has never played Slender before and he gets afraid of everything. He was never allowed to play M rated games or watch horror movies. Craig has the smoke machine going, and the lights are off. Craig taunts Drake and leaves.

Drake begins to play. Drake walks around and eventually finds a page. He can hear a weird noise. He starts swearing a lot, and eventually sees Slender Man. He finds the second page. The screen goes to static, giving Drake a fright. He walks through the bathroom and finds the third page.

He runs away, and sees the Slender Man a few times. Drake's heart is beating very quickly. Drake wants to get at least one more page. Shelby comes up from behind him and tries to scare him. She runs away laughing. Drake gets stuck wondering around the fence. He becomes trapped.

Drake gets caught by the Slender Man. There is a loud crashing sound, and the video ends, saying that Drake then died.

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