Drake takes on a CiCi's pizza challenge.

Drake McWhorter vs the World: Cici's Pizza Edition
Upload Date August 13th 2012
Hosts Craig, Drake, Ben
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Cici's Pizza eating contests have been a part of ScrewAttack's history since the beginning. Drake has to eat as much pizza as he can in 30 minutes. Ben is asked about Drake's chances. Ben thinks Drake has a chance. If Drake can pull off the strategy, it will look good, otherwise he will look like an idiot.

They are not allowed to show the other competitor. Drake finishes his first pizza quickly, and moves onto the second. He accidentally drops his coke onto his pizza, but finds that this is actually a good strategy, and begins dunking the pizza into his drink,

The judges ruling is if he throws up, he is still in. He's up to the third pizza, and is twenty minutes in. He throws up when he is into his third pizza. At the end, the judge determines how much pizza each competitor has eaten. Drake feels horrible.

The result: He ends up eating 2.7 or 2.8 slices of pizza. Drake won the challenge.

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