Chad and Craig get blown up by hidden grenades, the game crashes, and they reach Evil Marion, only to die and have to start over.

Double Dragon Neon: To Dragon Too Hard - PART 11 - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date February 20th 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

A woman on a jetpack rockets herself into a spike! Chad has guns to throw at people, but no bullets. Chad uses his dragon before an enemy can kill Craig. Chad notices a falling platform, and Craig doesn't commit to it as the platform will return. Chad tries to run across a wall of spikes, only to get hit twice because Craig refused to follow.

Craig and Chad epic slow mode run with swords. An enemy has a dark void to throw at Chad. Craig likes how Abobo comes throw the wall, and Chad finishes him off by punching him when he's down. They both fall for pot grenade traps. The pair move onto another elevator. Chad loves the dragon, and Craig wants to know how often Chad has used it throughout the game.

Both Chad and Craig fall off the edge. Chad finds a glitch where his health fills up rather then losing a life! (He is wrong however) Chad complains about their software slowing the game down. Suddenly, the game freezes. They get back to where they were at, and Chad falls off to his death. Craig accidentally saves them with his lightning. Chad yells at Craig for saving them, and uses his dragon again. Craig wants a lightning dragon. They throw the Abobos off the edge.

They beat up a tape worm, and Craig takes all the tapes! Chad "bro"ke up with Craig. Two more tape worms appear, and Chad takes all the prizes. The slow down may be the game after all. Chad has a key, and they find three chests. Chad chooses the middle chest, and Craig steals the prizes. They attempt to dodge more pot grenades.

They arrive at Evil Marion. Chad needs to dragon! Chad gets impaled, and when Craig tries to save him he gets slapped away! The skeleton walks off the screen only to run back in to impale Chad again! They both die. When they come back, Chad gets impaled some more! Chad wonders why it is always him!

They take a huge amount of damage, and Chad is glad that he wasn't the one to get impaled this time. Chad tries to come up with a plan to use Craig's lightning. They both die. They have to start the level all over.

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