Chad and Craig make it to the final area, where the game continues to go really slowly.

Double Dragon Neon: Slow-Mo Combat - PART 10 - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date February 19th 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

A tape worm bursts through a wall and the pair attack it. Chad kicks its head off! They find a tapesmith in the side of the mountain. They forge their songs to make them more powerful. Craig hurts himself with his lightning. Spikes roll above them as they battle. The Hulk appears and attacks. Chad flips the Hulk into the spikes several times. They kick another purse, but Chad fails. They complete the stage.

They arrive at Neon Fortress, what Craig believes is the final level. Chad likes anything with Neon in the title. They fight Bao Bashi. Craig is intimidated by the enemies, so Chad uses a dragon on them. Chad wants to get the Dragon Swarm ability, but Craig steals it. Chad throws a bat at him! They fight in a 2D sidescrolling section. Chad uses the dragon as soon as the Abobo drops in.

Chad and Craig keep getting hit by spike traps. Chad attacks a guy off the stage, after he was killed by him - only to jump kick off himself. Chad and Craig both die at the same time, so Chad uses the dragon. Chad gets more dragon swarms as they roll through bullets. Craig is excited as he finds a sword.

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