Chad and Craig say bro a lot, battle enemies in space and throw away a key.

Double Dragon Neon: Skeletor Hoverbizzle - PART 2 - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date February 11th 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad hypes the game up even more as they beat up more bad guys. Midnight City called Sean the day Chad and Craig were going to start filming this to give them free Steam codes. Chad activates his fireball. They walk into a building, which starts to shake. They hope that it has rockets and is going to space. It does have rockets and is going to space! Chad applauds.

The next level takes place in space. Skullmageddon appears, and he sounds like Skullutor. Craig gets knocked out and Chad revives him. Chad gets revived by Craig. Chad gets vomited on. Craig saves his bro even though he was OK with dying. They start whaling on Skullmegeddon.

The characters rock out after Skullmageddon jumps out of a window. Every game that ScrewAttack makes needs to have the characters rocking out at the end. The characters travel further into space. Another boss fight takes place. They battle through the hovering enemies, while avoiding spikes.

They divekick across a gap. They fight Ichisumi. Chad likes using their fans. They are like the overpowered fans in Smash Brothers. Chad is knocked out, and Craig can't save him as he gets attacked. Craig is knocked out after being swarmed by several enemies. It is OK to call each other bro while playing this game.

Craig defeats all of the enemies just as Chad dies. Craig thinks it would be better if everyone faded out when they died. Chad doesn't see the ladder pointing them downwards. Craig throws a key rather than using it in a door! They battle another Abobo. They dance at the end of the fight and end the episode.

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