Chad and Craig struggle at platforming, and somehow lose yet another key.

Double Dragon Neon: Rock the Dragon - PART 9 - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date February 18th 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

The characters ride on the teeth of the previous boss down a snowy slope. Craig points out to not jump off the side as enemies are being killed by being thrown off. Chad flies off while fighting a ninja. When Craig falls off he points out that it doesn't count as a death. Chad knee kicks to his death again!

Chad releases the dragon. He keeps on falling off! A giant Abobo arrives and throws them both off several times. As Chad tries to revive Craig, they get launched into the sky into a new area. They fight new enemies as the slowdown returns. Craig can pick up an enemy's head! The lightning power up has a cool song when selected. The dragon has an underwhelming song.

Chad and Craig jump across a gap, and Craig throws the head at an enemy on the other side. Craig gets whipped from the other side of the hole. New enemies spawn, and Chad is thrown into the hole. Chad gets thrown down the hole again. Craig activates the lightning. Craig tries to jump across the hole with no enemies around. He falls in and Chad laughs at him! Chad decides to get him across by high fiving. They swap places, and Chad jumps across.

The whip is ridiculous as Chad and Craig need to revive each other from its attacks. Chad uses the dragon while Craig uses lightning. A slowly rolling spike rolls towards Chad. He tries to hit it, but it doesn't work and he almost takes damage. They slowly move through the rolling spikes, and Chad runs into one of them. A skeleton jumps into the battle at a really bad time, when Chad activates the dragon.

Craig picks up a key, and Chad warns him not to throw it into oblivion again. Chad runs through bones, and gets hurt by them falling. Enemies get flipped in by wood platforms. Chad accidentally throws the key! The key lands at the edge of the screen. Chad enjoys flipping an enemy on the wood. The key vanishes. Chad does a Russian dance to end the episode.

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