Chad and Craig become robots to fight Giga Skullmageddon, and watch him fall through space while singing!

Double Dragon Neon: Mother F'ing Robots! - PART 13 - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date February 22nd 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad sings to introduce the show. Craig is excited to play as a robot and shouts. Craig gets flung across the screen and dies. They arrive at Giga Skullmageddon.

Chad wanted to use the fireball, but couldn't, and gets his dragon back. Craig takes a long time to decide what he will do. Chad is surprised when he hits Skullmageddon with his dragon while Skullmageddon is on the ground. Chad is worried when bombs start to fall, and Craig rolls across the screen to save him.

They high five quickly to life split. Craig gets flung across the screen to save Chad. A lot of one ups and health falls from the sky. Skullmageddon uses nipple beams! Chad is killed and is flung onto the top of a platform that Craig can't save him from. Chad is mad after being forced to lose a life.

Craig thinks it is awesome that Skullmageddon has a skull on his dick! Chad constantly spams his dragon. Craig has to run across the screen to save Chad, avoiding Skullmageddon's attacks. Chad gets distracted by the loot. Skullmageddon gets pushed towards the edge. The pair push Skullmageddon off the edge together, and the credits begin to play.

Craig wants to play it again! A song begins to play, and Chad tries to sing along as the words appear on the screen. Craig loves how Skullmageddon is singing as he is falling through space! Craig starts to argue that it isn't possible to fall through space! Marian gives a dick punch to Skullmageddon! The game ends on a dick punch!

Chad and Craig have to fight for Marian's affection! Chad's dragon doesn't work, and they have to brawl. Craig jokes about high fiving during their fight. Craig wins. Craig gets Marian.

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