Chad and Craig battle a venus fly trap with shark and T-Rex heads!

Double Dragon Neon: Money Raining Ovaries - PART 8 - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date February 17th 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Craig believes there are 10 levels. Chad warns that the slowdown is not the game's fault. They ride an elevator while fighting enemies. It feels like they are playing on the NES with the slowdown. Chad rocks the dragon again, and dies after the dragon is used. Craig revives him.

They have to fight the bigger versions of themselves again, and Chad uses the dragon on them. Chad panics as Craig revives him. The characters wait for a platform to appear. Chad and Craig explain that if that platform didn't appear, the character's journey would be over.

Chad is disappointed in how the characters handle a gun. Chad and Craig combo a scientist together. Chad dodges crushes and fight ninjas. Craig finds a shop below them. Chad falls off the edge trying to follow. They buy some items, and Craig makes a very niche reference that no one will get. They battle on a moving platform with crushes at the end of it. Their enemies get knocked down and stabbed to death!

Chad and Craig scream as the next boss appears. It is a giant venus fly trap. Chad uses the dragon on it, and it appears to not do anything. Craig manages to revive Chad and Chad spams the dragon. Chad has to revive Craig. Chad wonders if they are doing something wrong. Eventually, the buds turn into a shark and a T-Rex. That is the coolest thing that Craig has ever seen in his life.

Chad continues to use the dragon as they revive each other constantly. Craig wonders off screen. They high five each other, just to be destroyed by the T-Rex. They both scream. This is an intense fight. Chad does the dragon just in time before he is knocked down. Craig struggles to revive Chad. The T-Rex explodes, and not long later the shark does too. The boss is destroyed, and the stage is complete.

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