Chad and Craig battle the killocopter, and a giant tank.

Double Dragon Neon: Anti-Tank Techniques - PART 5 - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date February 14th 2014
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad gets flipped away from a wooden plank. They both psych each other. They kick a purse to each other. Chad screws it up. Chad points out that he should have let last episode go for a little longer so they could end the stage.

Chad loves being able to kick guys down holes. Chad loves the soundtrack. Chad makes a guy cartwheel into a hole! The killocopter returns. They beat up the enemies, and both guys get knocked out and need to be saved. The helicopter pilot sucks with his aiming. The killocopter comes in upside down! They get crushed by the propellers!

Craig is knocked down, and Chad revives him while still being under attack. They high five when the battle is over. Chad likes to roll through the arrow attacks. Craig gets several tapes. Two Abobo's show up. Chad dies in the worst possible spot, but is still revived. Chad is surprised as an enemy appears where he wasn't expecting. Chad gets super comboed. Arrows save Craig while reviving Chad.

They find money above them, and Craig desperately wants it, but can't get to it. The game starts to slow down. A giant tank shows up, and they begin to destroy it. Craig is killed, and Chad can't save him due to the mayhem happening on the screen. Chad wants to hi five to get them to the same point - but they switch places instead! Chad and Craig both blow up different parts of the tank at the same time.

Something shoots satellites down at them! They both die and get a game over. The enemy is going to poke them in the eye!

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