Don't Tell Ben About Star Wars is a Clip of the Week from 2013.

Don't Tell Ben About Star Wars
Cast Sean, Nick, Ben
Intro Host Sean
Upload Date May 18th 2013
Clip / Ad An Atari Star Wars game

Synopsis Edit

Nick enters the hallway, and the camera shows his point of view throughout the whole clip. Sean whispers from the Sidescrollers / Screwin' Around room telling Nick to enter the room. Nick wonders why he is whispering. Sean tells Nick not to tell Ben about the new Star Wars game. Nick wonders why, as Ben loves Star Wars. Sean tells him about Ben's uncle Gary in 1977.

The clip is shown, showing Gary being killed while playing a Star Wars game.

Nick comments that he didn't see anything, and Sean replies that it will be fixed in post. Ben's family has a rare genetic disorder, where if they get too excited about a new Star Wars game, their head explodes! Sean starts talking more loudly, and Ben hears. Ben rushes over to Sean wagging a light saber. He asks if Sean said something about Star Wars. Sean denies it. Sean tries to distract Ben by throwing his keys. Ben states that this won't work on him twice!

Ben starts getting excited thinking that it is Battlefront 3. Ben gets too excited, and his head starts to explode. Sean has to restrain him. Ben starts getting nauseous, and Sean and Nick dive for cover. Ben calms down, and Sean and Nick come out. Sean asks if Ben is alright. Ben says he can't wait for Battlefront 3, and Sean tells Ben that it isn't Battlefront 3. Nick tries to stop him. Ben yells, and explodes taking out the camera.

The end of the clip is a memorial for Ben's death, showing that he lived from "1980 something to 2013." It also begs DICE to not let Ben's death be in vein, and to make a new Battlefront game.

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