Don't Get Nintendo'd is a Clip of the Week from 2013.

Don't Get Nintendo'd
Cast John, Sam, Ben, Chad, Nick, Parker
Intro Host none
Upload Date October 12th 2013
Clip / Ad none

Synopsis Edit

John approaches Sam as if he is a drug dealer. John warns Sam to be quiet about the deal they are making. Sam says there's nothing to worry about. Jon reminds Sam of other people who have crossed Nintendo before. The scene crosses to photos of Deryl (Nick) dead on a couch holding a WiiMote. Followed by Tony (Parker) who has been impaled by a Master Sword.

Sam isn't convinced. Jon tries to hand over the package to Sam when a doorbell rings (despite the fact that they are outside). They both look back at the closed door behind them and approach it. Jon opens the door to reveal the We Would Like to Play guys who shoots John. While Chad stomps on John's head, and kicks him, Ben calls HQ to tell Reggie (Nick) that the package has been intercepted. (Note that Sam mysteriously disappears)

The scene crosses to Reggie (Nick), who is playing Pokédex 3D on his 3DS. He says that Scraggy is hideous.

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