Didn't make it to MAGFest 11? Here's our Panel! is a panel from 2013.

Didn't make it to MAGFest 11? Here's our Panel!
Upload Date January 8th 2013
Hosts Craig, Bryan, Chad, Sam
Series Panels


Synopsis Edit

Craig welcomes everyone to the panel. Chad comments that they almost had a Dr. Nick moment! They will be showing off a new Top 10. Bryan leaves and comes back after Chad says that Craig scared Bryan off. Craig shows the Top 10 Snow Levels, made entirely by Nick.

They open up the floor for Q&A. They decide to introduce themselves. Craig talks about when they went to Japan. Japan is very different to the US. They are really nice and polite. They actually follow a plan on walking up elevators. They put 100% into their jobs. No one yells at anyone in Japan. Chad loves Japanese culture. The arcades are awesome. Chad explains a table flipping game. Bryan talks about the sushi place. They found the one food that was cheaper in Japan then the US.

Craig says YOLO, and everyone cringes. Craig only heard YOLO for the first time not long ago. They talk about the don tacos that they ate. It was awesome. They talk about the worst food they ate. Craig pulls up the video. Chad's description of the biscuit is the most accurate description of anything. Everything in Japan tastes like soy or coffee. Craig gets started on McDonalds. Japan got the bad meat.

Craig and Chad recently both had daughters recently. Craig tells how having children makes you celebrate tiny things. Enjoy your free time before the baby comes. Sam thinks that not having kids is awesome. He plays video games all the time. Sam wants to teach the kids bad words!

Most of the Death Battles are fan requested. They then do the ones they think will be a good fight. Starscream vs Rainbow Dash was a lunch conversation that turned into a Death Battle. They thought that Starscream would win easily, but after researching, it was crazy how powerful Rainbow Dash is. And she has only become more powerful since! Chad pushed for Yoshi vs Riptor. They try to find a suggestion that they really like.

Craig explains that they pick entertaining fights, before going into nerd mode arguing. Ben's desk is next to Craig, and Chad will come in and they will discuss a ridiculous nerdy conversation. Chad goes over how he came up with a calculation for Goku's speed. Chad discusses how they have had an animator since Zelda vs Peach, but he lives in Seattle. Metropolis was built in 3D, and they debated on whether they needed to do that. They didn't want Goku vs Superman to be rushed, so they have delayed it, and they won't give out another date until it is donw.

The conspiracy theories are hilarious and bad. The comments are entertaining to read! People complaining about how someone should have won, yet they knew nothing about their opponent!

Craig's worst video game ever is Intellivision. It doesn't work very well. Craig's first NES games were Mario and Tetris. Bryan's first game was Spades on DOS. Craig remembers playing Outlaw and Wheel of Fortune using a floppy disc. Chad tells a story about using huge discs that actually flopped! Chad played an Olympics game on floppy disc, and doesn't know what it was called.

Chad remembers playing Duck Hunt, and getting it for Christmas. Craig pulls up a picture of an old floppy disc, and Bryan feels old. Sam may have played Joust on the Commodore 64. The first Warcraft made a big impact on him. Sam wasn't a gamer yet despite having games. Sam wanted to play PC games after playing Warcraft. Sam watched Akira when he was 8, and it made no sense at all!

Chad hears about a table flipping for charity event, and jokes about people flipping tabletop games.

Craig doesn't care about what happened to THQ, as they had it coming. They just made bad decisions. Everything hit them at once. THQ are failing because they have been making bad games for a long time. They have a bad business model.

Sam and Craig argue about how good or bad some of the old THQ wrestling games were. Adult Nick wanted naked Goldburg! Sam thought that Kid Nick would have been hilarious. Nick made the mistake of bringing in his journals, and read things that were funny to the crew. Chad wants to read stuff out from them once Nick has forgotten about them. Nick is so kind, but he has some horrible stuff to say about girls! They have been sitting there for a year and a half, and they want to do something about them soon.

Craig discusses the theme music used in the Top 10's. The Hard News song was also an original. That person worked on Captain S, and has written several songs for ScrewAttack. A g1 made the Sidescrollers music.

They haven't done g1 of the year yet. Usually, it is a community vote, and have decided that they are going to announce the winner now. Tom the Iron Man is asked if he wants to be the g1 of the year. Tom might have more ScrewAttack videos then they do! When they have a video that is missing, they will ask Tom for it. ScrewAttack's backup is in Tom's house!

They show the first half of Superman vs Goku.

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