Dia De Huevos is a ScrewAttack "Holiday". It occurs each year on the third Friday of January. The "tradition" involves listening to '90's music, sitting in front of a fire on a screen, decorating a cactus and hiding red spots around hoping that someone will stand on one. If someone stands on a red spot, they receive a punch to the groin. The only game you are allowed to play is Ultimate Party Challenge for the Wii. The tradition started in 2009.

Videos Edit

2009 - Clip of the Week "Dia De Huevos"

2010 - Clip of the Week "Dia De Huevos 2010" - the second Dia De Huevos celebration video.

2011 - Clip of the Week "Dia De Huevos Revenge (2011)" - nobody showed up on Dia De Huevos after last year.

2012 - Screwin' Around episode had the crew reluctantly playing Ultimate Party Challenge

2012 - Clip of the Week "Sean's First Dia De Huevos (2012)" - Sean takes the traditions a little too far.

2013 - Screwin' Around episode had the crew playing Project M and Ultimate Party Challenge

2014 - Advantage Content - Dia De Huevos Live Stream Opening

2015 - None