Sean gets his hopes up for nothing while playing Destiny.

Destiny Screws Over Sean
Upload Date some time in 2014
Hosts Sean, Shaun, Ben, Craig, Craig's dad, Bryan, Parker, Nick, Austin, Sam
Series Advantage Content


Synopsis Edit

Sean is playing Destiny. He describes what he is doing, in the hopes of getting a good deal. A lot of people on Reddit have said that this was fake. Craig explains how much Sean has been playing this game to get to level 30. Everybody else is level 30. Shaun pans across the room looking at everyone else who supposedly is at level 30. Craig's dad is level 30!

Sean reaches the person he is supposed to talk to. There is nothing there. Nick laughs at Sean. Ben had to go home to get the game for Sean for no reason. Sean failed. Everyone shakes their heads in disappointment. We have learned to not trust anything on the internet.

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