Death of the Hard News Desk is a video from 2014.

Death of the Hard News Desk
Upload Date December 19th 2014
Hosts Sean, Austin, Shaun, Bryan, Craig, Nick, Parker, John, Sam
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Sean states that since hard News is finished, they should destroy the desk. He and Austin are carrying the desk outside. Craig writes "HARD NEWS 2008-2014 #RIP" onto it. Craig says that you have to use hashtags in 2014. He then writes hashtags all over it! Nick says that it is a little bit obnoxious to do so.

Sean, Shaun and Craig walk up to the desk. Shaun has an axe, Sean has a chainsaw, and Craig has a sledge hammer. Craig swings the sledge hammer into the front of the desk. The sledge hammer breaks! They laugh. Shaun hits the desk with the axe before dancing.

Sam, John and Austin also hit the desk with the axe. Bryan hits the top of the desk with the axe, while Shaun chants behind him. Craig hits the desk while everyone dances behind him. Nick hits the desk several times. Sean rips it apart with the chainsaw.

Shaun is now shirtless, and throws apart of the desk. He cheers. Bryan throws the desk into the ground, before Sean strikes some wood with the axe. Craig ends the video with Bryan, with a finger point.

The part of the video with Shaun throwing the desk is played in reverse.

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