Shaun shows what it is like to work at ScrewAttack for a day by wearing a GoPro on his head.

Random Awesomeness: Day in the life - ScrewAttack through the eyes of Shaun(tern) | Exclusive Advantage Content
Upload Date some time in 2014
Hosts Shaun, Craig, Sam, John, Sean, Ben, Bryan, Chad, Parker, Austin
Series Advantage Content


Synopsis Edit

Shaun straps a GoPro to his head for an entire work day. This is a time lapse of that day. Shaun can be seen with the GoPro on his head at his house. He drives to work. He flips off another driver. Shaun arrives at work. Craig slips out of his car and puts his face into the camera. He teabags Shaun.

In the office, Craig shakes hands with Shaun. Shaun walks in on John and Shaun, who are filming Hard News. Shaun uses the restroom. Shaun arrives at his office, and looks over at what Ben is doing. Ben turns off his monitor. Everyone looks into the camera. Everyone goes out to lunch.

Shaun films for The Best Ever (and temporarily removes the GoPro). Everyone crowds around Ben's computer. Shaun plays Screwin' Around with the rest of the crew. They are playing Mario Kart 8.

Shaun films some more. Shaun watches his footage. Shaun gets back in his car and drives home.

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