Can Nick save his Animal Crossing Town? is a video from 2013.

Day in the Life - Can Nick save his Animal Crossing Town?
Upload Date August 16th 2013
Hosts Sean, Nick, Parker, John, Chad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Sean tells how Nick was moving his save files around for his Animal Crossing town. Somehow he destroyed his Animal Crossing town. He has an older save file, but the 3DS doesn't care. Nick is on the phone to support, trying to help his issue. He puts the console as far away from him as possible.

Parker is playing Animal Crossing. Sean tells Parker to go to Nick's town! Nick can't go to his town. Nick tries to fix the game. It isn't working. Parker and Sean check in on Nick's town. They check out his bright floor. Chad tells Nick that Parker is in his house. Parker continues going through Nick's house. Nick comes over to watch.

The chances of saving Nick's town got worse as time went on. Nick falls to the floor, as he is told to delete the game. Nick gets a jacket put over his head. Nick screams. Nick says that he has to delete his town. Nick lists all the Animal Crossing characters that he has to delete. He has been playing for over two months. He has a big house! Parker is still playing in his house!

Nick tries to repair one more time. It didn't work. He builds up the courage to delete his game. Nick is upset. Parker continues to taunt Nick, and says that he has a spare space in his town. Nick doesn't want to be in Parker's town!

Sean is thinking about picking up Animal Crossing. Parker sees a moon in Nick's basement. Nick advises people to not be him!

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