Dark Secrets from Nick's Notebook is a Choose Your Own Adventure from 2013.

Dark Secrets from Nick's Notebook
Upload Date March 9th 2013
Hosts Craig, Ben, Nick, Chad, Sean, Sam, Lauren, Bryan
Series Choose Your Own Adventure

Link Main:

Notebook #1: Notebook #2: Nick's Face:

Synopsis Edit

The ScrewAttack crew are in a production meeting, which Craig is hosting with Ben, Nick, Chad, Sam, Bryan and Sean. Craig discusses that he won't be there over the weekend, and tells everyone what is happening for this week. Craig asks Nick if he has any ideas for the Choose Your Own Adventure.

Nick's idea is that you choose the adventure to be chosen. Craig decides to bring out Nick's notebook! Nick says that that is why the camera is out. Craig asks the g1s which adventure they want to go on! Nick wants to explain that Nick in elementary school wrote his thoughts in a notebook. Nick wants the viewer to choose the second option.

Notebook #1 Edit

Craig says that this is a good choice, and is called Nick hates Barbie, Barney and Little Mermaid. Craig reads that Nick didn't want to see Barbie's again, Teletubbies suck, and Barney sucks because he has a weird voice. Nick wanted to squash the Little Mermaid. Nick covers his mouth and yells. Craig ends the story, and everyone claps for Nick. Chad comments that nine year old Nick was really sexist!

Notebook #2 Edit

Craig congratulates the viewer on their choice, and this is called Nick's inherit sexism! Nick knows what's coming and encourages Craig to continue reading.

Nick tells the girls to listen up. The girls will be the slaves to the boys. Sam starts laughing, and Craig looks at Lauren's face. Lauren is displeased. Nick tells Lauren to come over to him, and Lauren tells him to go away.

The teachers will hang the girls by their necks if they don't do their homework! They will have to entertain the boys for 15 hours a day! Ben is laughing in disbelief behind Craig and Nick. Nick wanted everyone to know that he didn't like girls at that age. Chad comments that Nick had a lot of hate.

Nick's Face Edit

Craig says that this is a horrible choice! This is titled Sports. Ben comments that it is actually called 'Nick's Extensive Knowledge on Sports'.

Craig reads "In most sports, you will use a ball." He closes the book!

Everyone laughs. Craig reiterates that this was a bad choice. Nick tells the viewer that they died! Sam wants to make sure that that is all that is said on the page. Nick says that in hockey they use a puck. Craig tells the viewer to choose a better option.

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