DEATH BATTLE's Hard Drive is Gone! is an episode of The Industry.

DEATH BATTLE's Hard Drive is Gone!
Upload Date October 24th 2015
Hosts Torrian, John, Shaun, Sam
Series The Industry


Synopsis Edit

Torrian sees John dressed up and asks him if he is going out tonight. They are having a John Woo marathon. John asks Torrian to join and throws him some glasses. John asks what movie to watch first. They flip for it. They watch the movie.

Shaun wakes up alone, and walks out of the room. Torrian is still in the office. Shaun wonders where John is. Torrian says that John was acting weird and left. Torrian has also lost his Death Battle hard drive.

Shaun heads outside, where he sees Sam. Shaun explains to Sam that John might know where the hard drive is. John gets out of his car and walks up to the others. Sam tells John that he didn't tell Shaun anything. John lights Sam's cigarette, and explains to him that smoking is bad for his health, and throws it away.

Shaun follows John inside. John is heading out, and Shaun tells him that he needs the hard drive back. John takes out a gun and aims it at Shaun.

John wants to get millions of tweets about the results of Death Battles before the fights even happen. Torrian sneaks around the back. Shaun believes John is bluffing, and John sends him a tweet. Shaun checks his phone, which reveals the Mega Man vs Astro Boy Death Battle. Shaun wonders what John's goal is. John doesn't care about the fans. They skip over everything to find out who wins and who's next!

John was going to invite Shaun into this, but he was afraid that Shaun would say yes. Torrian prepares to attack, but John shoots at him. Torrian throws the gun to Shaun, and they point their weapons at each other. John shoots, and Shaun knocks the gun away.

Both throw their weapons away and start punching. Shaun gets punched in the face. They continue to punch and kick. John has the upper hand. Shaun charges at John, and kicks him in the chest. John sees a gun, and grabs it, shooting at Shaun. Shaun dives to pick up the other gun. Shaun shoots at John who ducks behind tables. They both shoot at each other and before hiding.

John  jumps onto the arcades to shoot at John, and Shaun leaps out of the way. They only have one shot left. John decides to flip for who gets the last shot off. It lands on heads, and they both shoot. John is hit and is bleeding.

They shake, just like they did on Shaun's first day. John pulls a card from Shaun's ear. Torrian arrives at the scene. He reveals that the coin landed on heads, not tails. John escapes. Shaun chases him, as John jumps into the car that Sam is driving. Torrian wonders what they should do about the hard drive and the results. Shaun replies that they can pick them up when he comes in on Monday!

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