Join Ben and Chad for some behind the scenes of Death Battle.

Random Awesomeness: DEATH BATTLE! Sound Booth Outtakes!
Upload Date October 2014
Hosts Ben, Chad
Series Advantage Content

Death Battle


Synopsis Edit

Chad does a mic check as Boomstick. Anything can happen in the Death Battle booth. Chad makes it sound creepy and sexual, and Ben is creeped out. Chad chokes on his line. Chad has to say "What a dick" several times.

Chad tries to say teleport. Ben doesn't want to make a joke in front of the kids. Chad says they would have been teleported! Goku taught Ryu how to access the power of nothingness. Ben said the 'G' word! A light falls off from the ceiling, and Ben has to put it back up. The glue is falling off. They tell Nick to add that the Power of Nothingness is a stupid name.

Chad and Ben talk about elephant sounds and Chad tells the story as the Street Fighter arcade would always be left on the stage with the elephants. Boomstick is terrified after the ninja's mask is removed. Chad laughs. Chad makes a terrible skeleton joke.

Ben has to leave. Chad stares at the camera. Chad tries to scare Nick by yelling into the mic. Chad leaves. Ben and Chad record the ending.

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