Boomstick reads an ad that makes no sense, and Wiz has to explain Shiek to Boomstick.

DEATH BATTLE!: Gag Reel #8: The Boom-Tiger
Upload Date some time in 2013/14
Hosts Ben (as Wiz), Chad (as Boomstick)
Series Death Battle


Synopsis Edit

Boomstick makes an advertisement for Netflix. After messing up the first time, on his second reading he realizes that the script makes no sense! Boomstick is being loud. Wiz messes up his line. "Bam damn damn it!"

Boomstick doesn't know when he's doing something right. Wiz stumbles over his words. This is Wiz's retarded brother! "Mary Poppins don't have shit on Peach." Boomstick introduces the Boom-Tiger. He explains how the gun would work. Boomstick messes up his line, and doesn't want his god-powers any more.

Wiz has to explain Shiek to Boomstick. It was a good question! Boomstick spoils a Death Battle, and explains that it is stupid that people would watch the Advantage video first. Boomstick will fuck Wiz's mother as well as his voice! They discuss Zelda's fireball. Wiz's mother is dead. Wiz kicks Boomstick out of the show. Boomstick will start his own squirrel wrestling show.

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