Boomstick can't say effortlessly, or count higher then 10.

DEATH BATTLE!: Gag Reel #7: Attack of the Killer Throat
Upload Date some time in 2013/14
Hosts Ben (as Wiz), Chad (as Boomstick)
Series Death Battle


Synopsis Edit

Wiz starts coughing at the start. Boomstick can't say effortlessly. Wiz fails with his voice and has to get back into the Wiz voice again.

Zelda has lost her kingdom more times then Boomstick can count. Wiz replies with 11, which isn't very much! Wiz is happy that he found a word that Boomstick can't pronounce. Ben questions whether he is talking about physics.

Boomstick still can't say effortlessly. Ben once again struggles to get into the Wiz voice. Ben keeps on saying sensor for some reason. Boomstick asks if he has one. Boomstick goes into the 'Wiz' mode after a few drinks. Yelling in Boomstick's voice hurts.

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