Ben can not say sixth. This line is cursed!

DEATH BATTLE!: Gag Reel #6: Wiz's Worst Nightmare
Upload Date some time in 2012/13
Hosts Ben (as Wiz), Chad (as Boomstick)
Series Death Battle


Synopsis Edit

Wiz struggles to read an entire sentence. Boomstick and Wiz make fun of it after. Wiz keeps on saying sixth wrong. He keeps trying, but can't get it right. Chad laughs. Ben laughs as he tries to read the script making sure he says sixth correctly. Ben laughs before he can even get to the word. It gets ridiculous as Ben just can't say it.

Chad tries to say it in Boomstick's voice, but he can't get through the first few words. This line is cursed! Ben thought he had it, but still gets it wrong. Ben says sixth correctly, but messes up later in the sentence! Chad yells out "No! You had it!"

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