Wiz struggles to talk, and Boomstick won't stop talking.

DEATH BATTLE!: Gag Reel #4: Double Ds
Upload Date some time in 2012
Hosts Chad (as Boomstick), Ben (as Wiz)
Series Death Battle


Synopsis Edit

Boomstick excitedly says hey to everybody. Wiz messes up his lines. Boomstick brings up his ex-wife again. Ben's voice goes too high, and he has to cut himself off. Ben doesn't know how to classify a 'cyborg girl' that Starscream took over.

Ben can't say inevitably. He also messes up advertising Squarespace. Boomstick wants to make a PSA about the character's double D's, realises his mistake and takes it back. Chad attempts to demonstrate how a weapon works. Ben has no idea what he said. Wiz tells Boomstick to be quiet, and Boomstick makes a weird noise.

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