Ben cannot say unimaginable.

DEATH BATTLE!: Gag Reel #3: OMG It's a Giant Pterodactyl!
Upload Date some time in 2012
Hosts Ben (as Wiz), Chad (as Boomstick)
Series Death Battle


Synopsis Edit

Boomstick has a hangover, so Mario vs Sonic has to be delayed! Unimaginable is a hard word for Ben to say. Boomstick makes spooky noises. Boomstick is afraid of a giant pterodactyl, and Wiz tells him to shut up. Ben can say unimaginable in his normal voice.

Boomstick sings and they lose their minds. Wiz reads through Kratos' information. Chad replies as if Ben was announcing a prize on a game show. Chad still can't say pony in the Boomstick voice the way he wants. Ben can't say organization either. Boomstick opens a beer and Wiz yells at him for it.

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