Listen to Ben and Chad's outtakes during their Death Battle recordings.

DEATH BATTLE!: Gag Reel #1: Flowers Make You Fat
Upload Date some time in 2012
Hosts Ben (as Wiz), Chad (as Boomstick)
Series Death Battle


Synopsis Edit

Wiz and Boomstick prepare for a Death Battle. Boomstick is going to get pretty loud. Shadow falls up from the Earth to the moon! Boomstick makes an advertisement for Levis. Boomstick makes a terrible shirt pun for their ad. The other pun option was worse. Boomstick makes more puns. Boomstick rambles about Mario being fat because he eats fire flowers. Boomstick shoots fire by getting fat!

Boomstick struggles to say 'ponies'. It is hard to say pony in the Boomstick voice. Boomstick did not get a lot of intelligence inserted into his brain! Chad continues to struggle with saying ponies in the Boomstick voice. Boomstick makes chainsaw noises, making Ben laugh. Wiz struggles to say plasma. Boomstick makes a weird drooling noise, and needs towels.

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