Create your dreams in WWE 2K15 is a video from 2014.

Create your dreams in WWE 2K15
Upload Date December 14th 2014
Hosts Bryan and Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Bryan digs into the community created content in WWE 2K15. Creating wrestlers is very important in the games, and with downloading, you can find the best ones. Craig hasn't seen the 25 favorites that Bryan has found. Wrestlers can be updated as characters age.

Bryan shows some classic wrestlers. Craig is impressed, as none of these are in the game! Craig mentions Vader from Boy Meets World. Bryan shows a Guile.

Bryan gets Craig to close his eyes, as Bryan chooses Shaq, the Ultimate Warrior, and a Power Ranger. Craig is impressed at seeing Shaq!

Craig wants to see some entrances. They show Scorpion. Mankind doesn't have an entrance, and Bryan is disappointed. Scorpion fights Mankind. Mankind wins, and Bryan and Craig are disappointed.

Craig closes his eyes again. Bryan has chosen Superman and a terrible Goku. Goku is wondering why he is now wrestling! Superman wins, and Craig cheers.

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