Crazy Personalities is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Crazy Personalities
Cast Corey, Bryan, Destin, Nick (as himself and Tommy), Jose, Chad, Ben
Intro Host Corey (with Nick and Chad in the background)
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad Animal Crossing (GameCube)

Synopsis Edit

As Corey is introducing the Clip of the Week, Chad is waving behind the window, and Nick is holding a camera. Chad and Nick start fighting.

Bryan walks into Craig's office and asks him if he wants to play basketball. Craig turns him down because he is too busy. Bryan is disappointed and leaves. Craig looks out the window to see people playing basketball. He misses Slamball.

Chad is sick of having to do merchandise. He walks into the game room to see Jose and Ben playing Street Fighter. Ben wins. Jose says that his show is better than Ben's. Ben argues that his came first, and Jose responds with the fact that his has an intro. This hurts Ben's feelings and Jose asks him if he is going to cry. Chad throws a box at him, and leaves.

Tommy is trying to convince Nick to go to a convention and annoy the patrons. Nick hates the idea, saying that it isn't the right thing to do. Tommy's head reminds Nick about the body in the trunk of a car that Nick pushed into the lake. Nick blames Ben. They argue childishly. Bryan walks in to see Nick talking to himself. Bryan leaves.

Bryan is getting advice on a video from Destin when Corey walks in. He pulls out the chair for her and offers Bryan and Corey a soda, and leaves to get them. Corey is mad and calls Destin a tool behind his back, but Destin catches her. Destin is now angry, and gives Bryan his soda, and throws Corey's soda. He then tells her to have fun being blonde.

Jose walks in and tells Corey she got owned. Craig jumps at Corey and Bryan and startles them.

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