Crap on Your Competition
Cast Ben, Nick, John, Craig
Intro Host none
Upload Date August 24th 2013
Clip / Ad Ouya

Crap on Your Competition is a Clip of the Week from 2013. Paul was previously seen in The Ocean, and Trapezoid.

Synopsis Edit

Paul (Ben) and Jerry (Nick) are executives watching John's (himself) new advertisement for the Ouya. Paul said he liked what John has done (it was nice, the animation was clever and funny), but he doesn't like it. Paul wants a more edgy commercial. Jerry suggests to copy what Sony is doing, by crapping over Microsoft's mistakes. Paul tells Jerry to shut up because it is a terrible idea, but then comes up with the same idea himself. Jerry reminds Paul that they are the only indie console in the market currently, so Paul decides to take the decision to the Wheel of Fate. It comes up with the Wii U.

The new ad now plays, with Nick being the voice actor. The Ouya is advertised as being able to fit in your pocket, while the Wii U tablet cannot. There is then a cut to Paul at a Media Briefing to show games that are on the Ouya, but not the Wii U. The video shows The Amazing Frog? and Monocle Man. Paul then tells everyone to buy a Ouya and screw Nintendo.

The scene cuts an interview from Stuttering Craig who is interviewing Paul at the Ouya booth. Paul claims that the Wii U is disappointing everybody and that the Ouya is feeding starving children somehow. He also claims that Monocle Man will be the new Mario. He then claims that Miyamoto hates white people. Craig is baffled.

Finally, it cuts back to the Ouya board room, where a disappointed Paul sits at the end of the table, before Jerry insults for his insane claim.

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