Craig sings to advertise the sale of the Video Game Vault book.

Random Awesomeness: Craig Skitzfamous "Buy" Music Video
Upload Date 16th September 2016
Hosts Craig, Mogg, Gerardo, Nick, Ben, Chad, Austin
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig is reading the Video Game Vault book, while Mogg is lying on a couch. Gerardo looks terrified as Craig enters the office singing. Nick, Ben and Chad are working in their office. Craig throws the book behind him at the end of the song.

Lyrics Edit

This book is 30% off

This book, you buy it on Prime


And we thought we would share our stories.

About games on the 64.

And now that no one's bought it

Now we know that we did something wrong

So we discount


We discount!

This book is 30% off

We wrote it so hard

We didn't pay attention to the haters on the web

who don't support, don't support

Don't understand if we really care

We're only hearing negatives

No! No! No! No!

Music Video Title Edit

The title of the music video says:


Craig Skitzfamous

Director: Shaunny B

Cock Bite Records, 1994

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