Craig Bumrushes Amanda McKay is a video from 2011.

Craig Bumrushes Amanda McKay
Upload Date December 11th 2011
Hosts Craig, Ben
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

While at an event, Craig saw Amanda McKay from GTTV and SpikeTV. Craig whispers to the camera as he excitedly heads over to her. Craig asks her what she is Tweeting and he asks her who is going to win the awards this year. Craig thinks it will be Skyrim, but he wants it to be Zelda.

Why should people watch the VGAs? There are going to be tons of announcements, trailers, and reveals. Everyone will be there.

Craig asks if Geoff Keiley will invite ScrewAttack to the VGAs. Craig wants Amanda to call him. Craig wants ScrewAttack to go to the VGAs. Craig calls Amanda the most powerful woman in gaming. Amanda wants to believe it even though it isn't true.

Ben announces the out of context statement that doesn't make any sense unless used in context statement. Craig wants Amanda to get into a cheerleader's outfit to do some stretching!

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