Craig's Upgrade is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Craig's Upgrade
Cast Craig, Nick, Chad, Bryan
Intro Host Ben (with everyone else cheering)
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad DirecTV

Synopsis Edit

Version 4 of the site has just launched as Ben introduces the Clip of the Week. Chad, Jose, Craig and Nick cheer along off screen. Craig's hat has been doing some strange things, but Ben doesn't think he even notices.

Bryan is showing Craig a script he made. Craig scans it using his hat and corrects some errors that Bryan made without even looking at it. Bryan is clearly disturbed by Craig's comments, but thanks him and leaves without questioning it.

Craig hovers through a hallway and looks through a wall to see Nick lying on a couch. He yells at Nick.

Craig is beating Chad at Street Fighter, and Chad compliments him on how well he played, but looks over and sees only Craig's hat. Chad is confused.

Craig is starving and wants pizza. He pulls a slice from behind his ear and begins eating it.

Chad stops Craig in the hall as Craig is still touching his hat. Chad asks him what's going on. Craig replies that he is answering emails and asks Chad if they ship internationally. Chad gets frustrated as he gets asked this all the time, and requests Craig minds the answer to the person asking. Craig then demands Chad kiss his hat. Chad does this, and Craig finds it gross. Chad walks off laughing.

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