Craig's DJ Hero Interview is a video from 2010.

Craig's DJ Hero Interview
Upload Date some time in 2010
Hosts Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig is interviewing Jamie Jackson, the creative Director at FreeStyle Games and of DJ Hero. DJ Hero was one of Craig's favorite games last year. Craig wants to know what is new this year, and why he is about to pee his pants. They are branching out into more social stuff, and to encourage people to play together. The music is more balanced and brought out.

Craig then threw out some names, and asked what are the chances of them being in the game.

Eminem - 5. Craig is disappointed in 5 being the answer!

Daft Punk - 5

Soulja Boy - 5. Craig stops Jamie and asks him whether or not Soulja Boy will be in the game. Jamie lowers his score to 4.7! Craig continues to pester Jamie, and Jamie pushes it back to 5, before saying No comment.

Craig says that if Soulja Boy is in this game, he will throw all the praise out, and punch Jamie. Craig tries to continue, but he can't. Craig asks if Jamie saw their Top Ten headlines of 2010. Jamie did and thought it was hilarious. Craig ends the video by dropping his microphone.

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