Craig's Broken Promise is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

Craig's Broken Promise
Cast Craig, Ben, Sean, Bryan, Drake, Lauren
Intro Host Drake
Upload Date September 28th 2012
Clip / Ad Mail order bride

Synopsis Edit

When Craig was in Tokyo, he promised everyone at the office a mail order bride. Drake can't wait to meet his.

Craig has a meeting with everyone, where he says that he forgot the mail order brides. Everyone is disappointed and starts rambling. Ben spent hundreds of dollars on sword fighting lessons to defend his wife with honor. Sean and his wife were looking forward to having someone to help cook and clean around the house. He spent all morning working on a guest bedroom for a threesome.

Bryan shaved! He still has most of his beard and mustache though. Drake is so much in debt after buying a house for him and Yoko. Lauren asks who Yoko is. Drake admits that he named her. Bryan says that he used a lotion! Lauren just wanted a friend who wasn't an animal.

Craig reveals that he got the Hello Kitty game, and everyone cheers. Lauren says "Kitties".

In Craig's car, Yoko puts her hand up from behind the seat, and asks if she can come out now. Craig tells her to shut up, and slaps her hand.

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