ScrewAttack go to a lot of conventions. Here is a list of videos from them. MAGFest, E3 and PAX have their own pages. SGC is ScrewAttack's Gaming Convention.

Quakecon Edit

  • The Omni: It's Like Killing Bad Guys in Real Life [QuakeCon 2013] - 2013
  • QuakeCon Computer Montage - 2006
  • Unaware Steve's Quakecon Debut
  • Impressions of the first 45 minutes of Wolfenstein: The New Order [QuakeCon 2013] - 2013
  • Rise of the Triad Interview [QuakeCon 2013] - 2013
  • First Impressions of Dishonored's latest DLC, The Brigmore Witches [QuakeCon 2013] - 2013

Tokyo Game Show Edit

Note: Make sure all these videos are from TGS 2012.

ScrewAttack visited TGS in October 2012. Criag, Chad and Bryan visited it, after making a competition between the staff to determine who would go.

  • [Trailer] TGS 2012 - Namco's Answer to Moster Hunter is Getting a Sequel
  • [Trailer] TGS 2012 - The Vita Gets PlayStation Plus
  • [Trailer] Injustice at Tokyo Game Show given a release date
  • [Trailer] Tokyo Game Show gets a new look at SFxT on Vita
  • Is this the greatest arcade game ever?
  • [Trailer] Pomeranians vs Raptors
  • [Tailer] Final Fantasy Turns Twenty Five with this new Bundle
  • [Trailer] A New Glance at Nintendo's Digital Theme Park
  • The Crazy Drinks of Japan Part 1
  • The Crazy Drinks of Japan Part 2
  • [Trailer] Might & Magic Heroes VI's New Expansion
  • [Trailer] Splinter Cell: Blacklist gives Sam the 5th Freedom
  • Muramasa: The Demon Blades Comes to Vita
  • [Trailer] Check Out the Covenant's Toys
  • [Trailer] Dragon's Dogma is Getting an Expansion
  • [Trailer] Bravely Default is More Final Fantasy Than Final Fantasy
  • DmC's Action CGI Trailer
  • Okami HD Gets Another Jaw Droppingly Beautiful Trailer
  • Terror finds a new IP in this teaser for Outlast
  • The Crazy Snacks of Japan Part 1 Part 2
  • We Didn't go to Tokyo for TGS, we went for Battle Kid 2
  • We're Gonna need a bigger can of Insecticide! Chad and Bryan's First Impressions of Earth Defense Force 4
  • Check out our Tokyo Game Show "Swag"

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