Competitive Co-op is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Competitive Co-op
Cast Chad, Ben, Nick, Bryan, Craig, Corey, Destin, Jose
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad New Super Mario Bros.

Synopsis Edit

Chad walks into the office and sees that he has a wooden chair. He looks over at Ben who is bragging about his comfortable chair, as he looks at his favorite Star Wars coloring book. Chad kicks the chair out from under him causing Ben to fall onto the floor. Chad takes the coloring book and dumps the wooden chair next to Ben.

Bryan, Craig and Nick all arrive at the same parking spot at the same time. They honk their horns and yell at each other. Chad skates into the spot, removes his skates and leaves them in the spot. The three in the cars are not pleased.

Craig begins a competition between Nick and Ben to finish making a video first, where the winner's video would make it onto the site. They begin, only for Nick to push Ben's laptop off of the desk. Craig comes back to say that the repairs will be coming out of Ben's paycheck.

Jose is hungry. He comes up to the microwave that Chad is using. He hits Chad with an XBox 360 box, and exclaims that it is revenge for Chad hitting him with a chair

Bryan, Nick and Craig are still arguing, and are then joined by Corey and Ben, who are also arguing. Chad is dumped onto the couch by Jose. They are all yelling at each other forming one large argument. Destin enters and gets everyone to calm down. Destin tells them to act like a family, and to blame every one of their problems on one person. Chad points at Nick. Suddenly, everyone starts yelling at Nick and picks him up. Nick is horrified.

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