Co-Existence is the fifth episode of Metal Gear Ben.

Cast Ben, Chad, Craig, Nick, Corey
Commentary Cast Ben, Nick, Chad
Upload Date February 28th 2010


Synopsis Edit

Colonel Corey makes a Previously On segment summarizing the events of the previous episode. Corey seems a lot more excited than usual.

Ben needs to find an antidote, and Craig won't let Ben leave the office anymore. Ben is making Chad do push ups under his feet. Craig gives Chad a much needed haircut. Chad cries, but then realizes he can see again. Ben asks Chad if he is ready, and Chad says yes to every question.

Ben trains Chad. Chad tries to smash throw cardboard with his head, but falls to the ground in pain. He lifts an XBox. Ben wants to train Chad to punch, but Ben stops him because of the X-Virus he is still infected with. Chad reveals that he was knocked out by a catfish, and doesn't want to talk about it. Ben makes Chad punch a wall. Ben and Chad play Street Fighter, and upon losing Ben states that Chad should be learning how to deal with defeat.

Chad does tricks on his skateboard, and Ben trips him over. He then successfully karate chops through the cardboard. He runs up some stairs. Ben is a bad winner when Chad lets him win. Some more footage of Chad training is shown. Ben states that Chad needs to learn the most important lesson of humility. Chad isn't convinced that Ben is the best person for this. Ben makes Chad say that he is a stupid cucumber with jello tits. Ben then laughs at him.

Chad stacks NES cartridges with his mouth. Ben gives Chad a gun, and Chad accidentally lets it off. Craig walks into the room, and knocks the games over onto Chad. Ben gives Chad the mission to go to retrieve the antidote. Chad calls Ben captain, and Ben corrects him to say 'Super ultra master of all and everything amazing super Ben'.

Ben picks up the Top Gun game and starts playing it, and states that the only thing that could make this better is Batman and a veloceraptor. Ben is having fun, until he has to land. He is about to fail when the Lolazer blueprints appears on the screen. Ben calls Octagon in. Octagon teleports in with a Guitar Hero set (a teleporter). He can't control where or when he is teleported to. He teleports across the room. Ben shows him the screen. Octagon teleports again so he calls Ben so they can continue to talk. Ben doesn't believe that Octagon invented the Lolazer, and Octagon lists some of his other inventions including the Codec.

Iron Cog Ben has called Ben on the Codec. Iron Cog reveals that he has kidnapped Corey. Corey says that if Ben comes to save he, she will cancel his XBox Live Account. Iron Cog forces her away. Octagon makes a CSI Miami joke. The credits are sung over by Nick.

New codec numbers Edit

Iron Cog Ben - 666.13 - the number of the devil (666) and the unlucky number (13)

Lolazer Screen Edit





Credits Edit

Starring Edit

Music Edit

  • Carf
  • Ben White
  • James Tonnessen
  • Tom Matthews
  • Seth Dormaier
  • James O'Toole
  • dugthefreshest
  • Jake Evans
  • Janne Kainu
  • Nick as "The Who"

Camera Operators Edit

Boom Operators Edit

  • Nick Cramer
  • Ben Singer

Teleprompter Edit

  • Adam Teterus

Asst. Director Edit

  • Nick Cramer

Official Artwork Edit

  • Mike Scally

Primary Composers Edit

  • Marc Marta
  • Tansunn Kitsuki

Motion Graphics Edit

  • Jake Singer

Written, directed, and edited by Edit

  • Ben Singer

Commentary Edit

Nick doesn't understand anyone who just wants to watch the commentary for episode 5. There is a box on Chad to make it clear that Ben is not touching Chad. The audio is from a different take to the video, as that audio take was better, but the video did not show the box on Chad. Chad had a lot of joke outtakes caused by Ben accidentally touching him (where he pretended to die). Chad "Gayden" was knocked out for a week for being hit by the catfish.

Craig was driving the car of Chad running. The jello tits was an inside joke involving Destin being called a stupid cucumber with jello tits. The cartridges falling was done in one take. Nick discusses Craig's honeymoon Disney poster. In an April Fools Day episode of Hard News, Tommy the Toucan pushes Luchidor into the poster and it breaks. Nick broke it the first time with a light, and at the time of recording, the poster is broken.

Ben managed to land the plane in Top Gun on his first attempt, but couldn't when they were recording. The game was being played on a Retro Duo, which uses Super Nintendo controllers, which is why Ben was playing with one of those.

It was agreed upon that Octagon has to have a new invention in every scene he is in that does crazy things. Nick points out the pens falling out of his pocket. All of the capturing was made in the game room, and the scene with Ben and Nick was filmed in there for hours, and there was a queue of people waiting to record footage. Chad was confused by the "Yeahhh!" CSI Miami reference from the other side of the office, and it took 30 minutes to film this one section.

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