Club Mario is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

Club Mario
Cast Ben, Chad, Jared, Bryan, Nick (holding the camera)
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2011
Clip / Ad Club Mario

Synopsis Edit

Ben wonders what their shows would be like if they were made in the nineties.

First is How to with Chad, where Chad is over-enthusiastically showing how to fix a NES game that doesn't work. He blows into it.

Next is Hard News hosted by Jared. The show is sponsored by TMNT cereal. The story is about the Virtual Boy. He asks Samas what 'he' thinks.

Next is Death Battle with WizKid, Boom. The Death Battle is Mario vs Sonic, and Boomstick introduces Sonic as a rat, and Wiz corrects him.

Sonic's screen says:

  • Super Fast Action
  • The next level of speeeeeed!!!!!!!
  • It does what Nintendont!

Mario's screen says:

  • AKA Jumpman!
  • Warp between worlds!
  • Play with power! Nintendo Power!

Boomstick tips Mario because he eats shrooms.

Ben is introducing the Clip of the Week, but Bryan says that they are already in a Clip of the Week! They both yell, and the camera spins around. Bryan's yelling goes for a lot longer than Ben's. Jared and Chad enter and shoots them with nerf guns. One of them hits Nick in the eye.

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