Closing sentimental thoughts on the Old HQ is a video from 2014.

Closing sentimental thoughts on the Old HQ
Upload Date August 6th 2014
Hosts Shaun, Sean, Sam, Nick, Ben, Craig, John, Bryan, Chad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Sean is asked how he feels about leaving the old office after the past couple of years. They were great. Sam says that they are moving down the road where they will have more space. Shaun says it is a weird feeling. He wasn't really around before this office. He is reminded of walking into ScrewAttack for the first time, and he wondered what the front door would look like. It looks like any other door.

Nick remembers how quickly they outgrew this office. Ben says that it was a big upgrade from the tiny place they had previously. It could hardly fit the Hard News desk! Nick points out where they filmed many Clip of the Weeks. Craig makes a weird face that creeps Nick out! Nick remembers the Thanksgiving Clip of the Week.

It has been a really interesting ride for John, as the camera zooms in on his face. Bryan remembers the transition from the old office. Bryan remembers how where they had Screwin' Around was previously where they had Blu-Rays. The Nerdtastic / Sidescrollers wall was where they had games. The Hard News area had anime in it. There is a lot of ScrewAttack / GameAttack history in this building.

Chad has been working in this building since it was built. It was once a GameExchange, and was how Chad got his job at ScrewAttack! Craig enters and says how they have never said this on camera. John is excited about the new space.

Nick is looking for the even better memories they will have in their new HQ, and how much space they will have again. Chad is looking forward to not being cramped again. Craig admits that they will not be cramped in the new space! The new office will look a lot better. They will have a merch space that won't be really hot all day. The new HQ will have a wall of windows. Screw this office - FullScreen money!

Craig says that this new space will be the first space that was for exactly what they wanted. This place was great, but they maxed it out. When they first moved in, they thought they had a ton of space. Now they have no space at all! This space is 50% larger than the first HQ. The new space will be 300% larger than the current office! You could fit 12 of the first office into the new office!

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