Closet Parrot is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

Closet Parrot
Cast Craig, Nick (as Tommy), Bryan, Ryan, Ben, Destin
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad Trunk Monkey (Suburban Auto Group)

Synopsis Edit

Ben thinks that Trunk Monkey is a great idea, but corrects the ad by saying that they used a chimpanzee. It has prompted ScrewAttack to improve their security system.

Ben as a burglar breaks into the ScrewAttack HQ. Sirens go off and Tommy comes out of the closet. Ben tries to steal the Iron Man of Gaming belt, but Tommy attacks him. Ben says that he hates the Closet Parrot, and Tommy corrects him by saying that he is a toucan, and continues to beat up Ben. Tommy then shoots Ben.

Bryan calls the Closet Parrot in because an intern (Ryan) has died, and they need a new one. Tommy goes to the closet to get a new intern. There are many Ryan's who are all begging to come out.

Craig wants Destin to get him lunch, and lists a long order to him. Destin goes to Jose and lists completely different things to what Craig did. Jose is confused. Jose asks Bryan to get Craig another completely different things. Bryan asks Ryan to get food. Ryan tries to ask Bryan what kind of food, but Bryan doesn't listen. Ryan calls in the Closet Parrot to get something.

Tommy goes to a fast food store and orders from the drive through section. When Tommy receives the food, he drops it, and the staff laugh at him. Tommy hates his job. Tommy gets back to Craig's office and throws the food at him. Craig picks it up. Realizing that it isn't what he ordered, he calls the closet parrot back in and throws that bag at him.

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