Everyone throws stuff at Shelby in the Clip of the Week outtakes for The Avengers.

Random Awesomeness: [Advantage Content] Clip of the Week Outtakes - The Avengers
Upload Date September 2012
Hosts Bryan, Chad, Nick, Sam, Sean, Lauren, Ben, Jared, Shelby
Series Advantage Content

Clip of the Week


Synopsis Edit

Bryan starts dancing. At the end of Bryan's announcement, Chad replies "Cool!" Sam yells "The fack is he?" instead of "Who is he". Everyone laughs. They continue making fun of what Sam said. Everyone continues to laugh at what Sam said. Jared successfully takes Shelby's bag and looks confused.

Jared tells Shelby that most women would last longer then that! Shelby has bent a nail. The crew laughs at Jared's line "I need something to pee in!" Chad is impressed by Jared's pose as he dramatically turns around. Jared finds free ranged chicken poop in Shelby's bag. Jared steals Sean's flask. Ben's shield is thrown near Jared, so Jared steals it. Ben chases after Jared. Jared throws it back at him. Ben catches it and falls on the ground.

Chad splits an arrow in two, and it gets put into Jared's jacket. Jared screams in horror. Nick asks Jared is that is the way he always screams when he is down on the ground. Ben throws the shield at Shelby. The first is way too low, the second shot goes over her head. Sean hits her on the top of her head. Sam picks up the shield and is warned not to throw it.

Chad is impressed by Sam's throw. Everyone is impressed by Sam's throw with the hammer. Shelby and Sam hi five. It worked really well. Chad wanted it to hit her again on the way down. Bryan and Chad walk into each other and hug.

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