This video is the outtakes of the Going to Tokyo Clip of the Week.

Random Awesomeness: [Advantage Content] Clip of the Week Outtakes - Going To Tokyo
Upload Date September 2012
Hosts Nick, Sean, Drake, Ben
Series Advantage Content

Clip of the Week


Synopsis Edit

Nick asks Sean what he is forcing a blooper to do. Nick is surprised when he is told that the camera is rolling and the audience has zero context. Nick has a big assignment due today, so he wants to get this done. Nick tries to do the intro, and coughs. He gets distracted by the others. Someone claps when Nick does a successful take. Nick continues to cough. Sean talks about selling himself on the street. Nick randomly goes "I liked it!" Drake will mail himself!

Nick laughs when he looks over to Sean. Nick messes up his lines. Nick and Drake laugh. Nick tries to touch his face. Sean wants to have a random hand to have it make no sense. Nick wants to make it look like it is his hand, but then he throws his hands up in the air!

Ben has to try to make Nick depressed. Nick continues to laugh and smile when he is supposed to be depressed. Sean makes funny faces to distract him. Nick wants Drake to record everything he says. Nick finally gets in a good take.

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