This is an outtakes video of Chad Has a Better Idea.

Random Awesomeness: [Advantage Content] Clip of the Week Outtakes - Old CotW Compilation #1
Upload Date around September 2011
Hosts Nick, Lauren, Chad, Ben, Craig, Sean, Jared, Bryan
Series Advantage Content

Clip of the Week


Synopsis Edit

Nick does a take slapping Lauren. He gives a thumbs up to the camera, and they do another take. This time, Nick actually hits Lauren! He covers his face with his hands and Chad is horrified. Lauren laughs and snorts. Chad asks Lauren if she is OK, and Ben comes to investigate what happened. Nick is horrified, while Lauren continues to laugh. She tells him that it is OK. Nick says he is a womaniser! Nick explains that he hit hard too.

Craig enters and says that Nick is the first person to slap a bitch! Craig realizes what he said and leaves. Craig looks at where Nick hit Lauren and says that it looks horrible. Lauren goes to look at it, and Craig admits he was lying. This was take 2 of the first scene! Lauren looks sad.

Later, Chad tells Lauren that she should slap Nick back. She doesn't want to. Nick would cry. They discuss what could happen and laugh.

Nick does several takes slapping Jared. Jared makes a horrible facial expression while on the floor. Nick and Sean lift Nick up onto the fence. Nick is afraid. Nick almost falls as he looks over at the Pharmacy. Nick misses his cue to jump in front of Ben and Sean. Nick slaps them, and Chad comments that it looked retarded!

Nick fails to slap Craig, and comments that it looks a lot gayer then he was expecting. Craig asks how it could get more gayer. Nick is uncomfortable. Craig asks if he has ever slept with a man before. Nick says E3.

Chad compares the treadmill scene to Jackass. He falls off the treadmill, and his finger gets stuck.

Nick takes off his hair. His actually hair is completely flat. He shows the rest of the crew.

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