Outtakes for Clip of the Week episodes Everything is Better with Lasers, Sony Can't Keep a Secret and Tommy's Treehouse.

Upload Date April 2012
Hosts Lauren, Nick (as himself and Tommy), Ben, Sean, Craig
Series Advantage Content

Clip of the Week


Synopsis Edit

Lauren holds her horribly broken window. Nick can't believe how horrible her car is. Lauren almost killed birds. Nick wishes he was recording it. Nick inspects Lauren's car. The radio receiver comes off.

Sean reveals the price of the console. Ben's career went down the toilet. Ben makes Sean laugh after drinking from his flask. Ben punches Sean who falls off the set. Sean drops off the screen with the Mario hat, but he doesn't go far enough, and Nick can still see him.

Tommy introduces the show, and jumps on the couch. The poster almost falls off. It finally does. The poster falls off again while Nick is talking. The poster keeps on falling off the wall behind Nick. A football flies into the set. Sean comes in to get it and yells as if he is at the superbowl.

Ben yells at the poster to fall. Craig dances with Tommy. Craig gets food stuck in his throat. Tommy does the Heimlich on Craig. Tommy dances, and almost knocks Ben over. Tommy tries to put a cactus onto the table, but it falls off.

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